Latest Products Latest Products 17-05-29 en-us Chloral Anhydrous Tue, 18 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0530 We are offering a wide range of Chloral to our valuable clients. This is a chemical which is also known as Trichloroacetaldehyde, having formula Cl3CCHO. Chloral is a colorless oily liquid which reacts with water to form Chloral Hydrate. This chemical is used in number of drugs for the treatment of various diseases and treatment. Our team of experts are taking care of our quality products. We offer these chemicals to our clients in conductive packings with a warning note outside. These are available at afford rates.Identifiers : CAS number : [75 - 87 - 6] PubChem CID : 6407 Properties : Molecular Formula : C2HCl3O Molar Mass : 147.388 g/mol Density : 1.512 g/cm3 @ 20oC Melting Point : -57.5oC Boiling Point : 97.8oC Solubility in water : Forms soluble hydrate Solubility in Ethanol : Miscible Solubility in Diethyl Ether : Miscible Solubility in Chloroform : Miscible Keywords for Chloral : 2-2-2-Trichloroacetaldehyde Anhydrous chloral Chloral Cloralio [Italian] Grasex Trichloroacetaldehyde Trichloroethanal Ethyl Chloride Tue, 18 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0530 We are the leading manufacturer of Ethyl Chloride which is also known as Chloroethane or monochloroethane and is used in the preparation of ethyl lead. This is a colorless, flammable gas that have sweet odor. Available at competitive price, Ethyl Chloride manufactured by us have been ensuring quality. In addition to it. We offer Ethyl Chloride which facilitates the making of Ethyl-cellulose that act as agent in paints, cosmetics and similar products. Working on the specification given by our clients, we have been working to fulfill all their demands and requirements.Identifiers : CAS number : [75 - 00 - 3] PubChem CID : 6337 RTECS Number : KH7525000 Properties : Molecular Formula : C2H5CL Molar Mass : 64.51 g/mol Appearance : Colorless gas Density : 0.92 g/cm3, liquid Melting Point : -139oC Boiling Point : 12.3oC Solubility in water : 0.6 g/100ml Dipole moment : 2.06D